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Feb 13-April 30
The Wrong Biennale ⁠ 2020 WiFi Router
Now fully online!
@ 122cc lobby, 150 First Ave NY, NY

With DB Amorin, Tayla Blewitt-Gray, Grayson Earle & Mark Read, Nathaniel Livingston Johnson, Daniel Hougland, Nitesh Kashyap, Hanna Koch, Dena Kopolovich, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Jackie Spaventa, Micah Welner

Futurists predict that the first generation to live forever has already been born. Those with the means to remain plugged in will experience the coming centuries as a digital hereafter, watching over their families on connected devices, perhaps wielding influence and power from beyond the grave.

Named after an early programming challenge, No Palindrome is a video playlist for the new afterlife and a reminder that there is no perfect repetition. The work is presented over WiFi, the most fleeting of mediums: next time you return the network may be gone.

Curated by Alex Reeves & Vanish Works
Spontaneous Tropical Cyclone Formation by Ryan Abernathey
Site by Moonpool